Marine Consulting & Research

With a breadth of specialities and expertise, DOER Marine is able to offer consulting services on a myriad of different topics. We are here to hep from feasibility studies to serving as expert witnesses.

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Marine Consulting & Research

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About our consulting services.

At DOER, we have built an extensive experience  in maritime operations, offering specialized advice and services to clients in various sectors of the maritime industry. Their expertise encompasses areas such as ship design, maritime safety, navigation, marine engineering, and environmental protection. These consultants play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

  1. Feasibility Studies: Assessing the viability of maritime projects and initiatives.
  2. Engineering Review: Providing expert analysis of engineering plans and proposals.
  3. Materials Testing: Ensuring the quality and suitability of materials for marine use.
  4. Design Review: Critically examining ship and equipment designs for optimization.
  5. Evaluation of Vessels for Over the Side Operations: Assessing vessels for specific maritime operations.
  6. Review of Shipboard Design for Submersible Support/Operations: Ensuring ships are optimally designed for submersible support.
  7. Review of Shipboard Design for Shadow Boat/Over the Side Operations: Analyzing designs for specialized marine operations.
  8. Evaluation of ROV/Submersible Personnel: Assessing the qualifications and capabilities of remote-operated and manned submersible crews.
  9. Evaluation of Dive Plan/Safety Programs: Reviewing and optimizing diving plans and safety protocols.
  10. Client Representation During Build of Over the Side Equipment: Acting as client advocates during the construction of specialized maritime equipment.
  11. Client Representation During Build of Custom-Built Equipment: Ensuring client interests are represented during the manufacture of custom equipment.
  12. Assistance with Scientific/Exploration Permits: Guiding clients through the permit process for scientific and exploratory endeavors.
  13. Review of Third-Party “As Built” Documentation: Examining and verifying documentation for maritime projects.
  14. Classing of Designs and Modifications with ABS, Lloyds, and GL: Certifying designs and modifications with major classification societies.
  15. Annual, Major, and Special Surveys for Submersibles: Conducting various levels of inspections and surveys for submersible vessels.
  16. Expert Witness Services: Providing authoritative expertise in legal cases related to marine operations and engineering.

Each project is unique

Let's embark on this journey together. Whether you're looking to optimize your maritime operations, navigate complex regulations, or enhance safety and environmental practices, our team is here to steer you in the right direction. Get in touch with us to further learn about our capabilities and to let us know how we can best help meet your specific needs.