Liz Taylor

About Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor has been involved with DOER Marine from its inception, becoming President in 1994. The company designs and builds submersibles and other subsea systems for applications
ranging from ocean exploration to infrastructure inspection. Taylor has been involved in projects relating to ocean exploration, coastal restoration, water management, levees, and watersheds. She advocates for protecting public access to the water and broadening water competency.  She is an advisor to Cal Maritime, the Wild Oyster Project and served on the Deep Water Horizon Study Group. She has participated in more than 60 scientific diving and educational ocean exploration projects including three Explorer’s Club flag expeditions. Taylor co-hosts the Dive In with Liz and Sylvia series produced by The Ocean Elders She has authored numerous articles and white papers. Taylor is the recipient of the prestigious Wings WorldQuest innovation award, a Fellow of the Explorers Club, and a Women Divers Hall of Fame inductee.

Liz Taylor, a visionary leader in marine technology and exploration, has been at the forefront of advancing oceanic research and engineering solutions. As the current president of Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER), Taylor has transformed the company from its humble beginnings as a consulting and field services firm into a powerhouse of engineering solutions.

Career Journey:

Taylor's journey in the marine world began at the University of California, Berkeley, shaping her future in ocean exploration. She embarked on her professional path at the Caribbean Marine Research Center, serving as its President. Here, Taylor gained invaluable experience in aquaculture and marine research management, notably in grouper and conch aquaculture programs

In 1991, she joined Deep Ocean Engineering as Vice President of Marketing, where she honed her skills in client relations and systems export logistics. Four years later, she ascended to the role of President at DOER Marine.

Achievements at DOER:

Under Taylor's leadership, DOER has grown significantly, now occupying a 55,000 square foot facility in the Alameda Marina. Her multifaceted role encompasses business development, government contracts, marketing, and educational outreach. Her clientele is diverse, ranging from marine contracting firms to film production companies and marine science institutions.

A notable achievement under her tenure is Project Deepsearch, an ambitious initiative to construct a full ocean depth human-occupied submersible. This project underscores Taylor’s commitment to advancing oceanic research through innovative technologies like advanced glass materials.

Philosophy and Impact:

Taylor's philosophy of “make a dollar but make a difference” is evident in her approach to business and research. This is reflected in DOER's implementation of internship programs and the sharing of research findings with the scientific community. Her dedication to making a tangible impact in the marine world is a testament to her leadership and vision.

Field Experience:

Taylor's field experience is extensive, with expeditions spanning the Pacific Islands, Galapagos, Easter Island, and many other notable marine locations. These expeditions have contributed significantly to marine research and conservation efforts.

Volunteer Work and Specialties:

In addition to her professional pursuits, Taylor is actively involved in various volunteer positions. She is an advocate and contributor to Ocean in Google Earth, a member of the Deep Water Horizon Study Group, and holds secretarial positions in several scientific boards. Her expertise in project management, expedition planning, and government liaison, positions her as a notable figure in marine technology and exploration.

Through her leadership, Liz Taylor continues to propel DOER towards new horizons, making significant contributions to ocean exploration and marine science.