DOER Marine is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing advanced submersible vehicles, catering to a wide range of underwater exploration and research needs. DOER Marine's submersibles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing exceptional capabilities for scientific research, environmental monitoring, and commercial applications. These robust and reliable submersibles enable deep-sea exploration with precision and safety, making them a preferred choice for oceanographers, marine biologists, and industry professionals seeking to explore the mysteries of the ocean. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, DOER Marine continues to push the boundaries of underwater exploration.

Alameda, Ca

Built for Deep Sea Research, Exploration, and Film Making

Our flagship submersible is the Ocean Explorer HOV1000 and it is our most modern and customizable human-occupied vehicle representing the next generation research submersibles. Developed in collaboration with scientists, film makers, and explorers, Ocean Explorer is small enough to be shipped in a standard sea container and launched from vessels of opportunity.With the ability to dive to depths of 1000 meters, the HOV1000 opens up a new world of possibilities for ocean scientists, marine archaeologists, and deep-sea explorers.

The HOV1000 boasts state-of-the-art technology, including a robust pressure hull designed for maximum safety and durability, seating can be purpose built for a crew of up to 3 people, and a customizable platform to add other accessories that make exploring the depths of the ocean an easier task. Ocean Explorer is sleek, yet capable of stopping, hovering, sampling, and working at depths to 1000 meters. In addition to the portability of the vehicle, we can include advanced navigation systems, high-definition cameras, or our manipulator devices to make this a truly bespoke vessel.

Reef Rover

Created as a more practical and cost effective approach to underwater work, the Reef Rover can reach and work at a maximum depth of 1000m. Despite being a lighter vessel, the Reef Rover is still a work capable, classed submersible large enough to accommodate two people. Many of he users of the Reef Rover have put the vessel to work in deep water filming and exploration. Rugged in design with plenty of payload for broadcast quality cameras, manipulators and sampling equipment, the Reef Rover provides a full panoramic view for the pilot and observer including sea bed visibility. Reef Rover provides scientists with the gift of time. Unconstrained by decompression issues, work and observation times are extended for five to eight hours during a typical dive with seventy two hours of life support on board. Advances in technology over the past twenty years have allowed DOER to incorporate new battery technology and electronics to greatly enhance performance and control while retaining proven design elements.


Project gallery

From ideation to reality, we take the time to understand the needs of our clients and build completely custom underwater vehicles. Take a look at some of our previous work below. We're also proud to announce that we are winners of theManufacturer of the Year award from the AMBayArea. 2024 has certainly been a special year for us at DOER Marine.

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