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Sylvia Earle on locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On Saturday I appeared on CNN to discuss the numerous challenges in locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A stark reminder of exactly why we need more focus on underwater exploration! VIDEO:

Alameda company could help find Malaysian Air wreckage

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — A new phase has begun in the search for the missing Malaysia jetliner. Two ships with high-tech equipment launched in the underwater hunt for the plane, or its black boxes. There are only a few days left before pings from the plane’s two data recorders could stop transmitting. The plane vanished over […]

NIU Antarctic-Bound Submarine

Antarctic-bound unmanned submarine Lake Tahoe test run could aid earthquake research Scientists and engineers plan to test NIU’s robotic submarine at Lake Tahoe, the nation’s second deepest lake, in mid-July, 2013. The unmanned yellow submarine—also known as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or sub-ice rover (SIR)—is equipped with a high definition camera. It also has […]

DOER – Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development

Why California? It is a question I am frequently asked by people who assume that we would have opted for Texas with its close proximity to Gulf of Mexico oil and gas interests. Although many of the companies that are considered competitors of Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER) are headquartered in, or have a […]

James Cameron Responds to Robert Ballard on Deep-Sea Exploration

The quickest way to destroy ocean science, James Cameron tells Newsweek, is to take human explorers out of the water. I know Bob Ballard well and continue to admire and support his efforts. But here’s the problem with his argument: it’s not as if more funding is being made available for ROV (remote operated vehicle) […]

The Last Dive? Funding for Human Expeditions in the Ocean May Have Run Aground

Legendary explorer Sylvia Earle is saying goodbye to the ocean floor, but are machines good enough to take her place? Tony Dokoupil reports in Newsweek on the robot takeover of ocean science. Plus, in a Newsweek exclusive, A-List filmmaker James Cameron takes on Robert Ballard, the marine biologist who discovered the wreck of the Titanic. […]

Marine biologist warns fossil fuels making oceans more acidic

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — A growing number of top marine scientists say the world’s oceans are in crisis. You may have already heard about the extreme threat from over-fishing, but another equally severe problem is just beginning to get attention. The oceans are turning more acidic and it’s happening fast.

ROV Visits the Bottom of the Sea

From Oct. 13 to Oct. 21, a team of geoscientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Mexican research centers UNAM and CICESE visited the seafloor in search of tectonic history. Their rock collecting off the coast of Baja California took them to benthic seamount communities likely never to have been explored by humans. Take a […]

Bay Area Science Festival

10 Days. 50 Events. A celebration of science & technology from Santa Rosa to San Jose.

Antarctic adventure for NIU scientists begins with test run in fabled depths of Lake Tahoe

The plan sounds like something from an adventure novel. Just after Christmas this year, NIU scientists Ross Powell and Reed Scherer, with colleagues from nine other major universities, will traverse more than 600 miles across the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, braving potential crevasses and wind speeds as high as 100 mph along the way.

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