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Lake Tahoe fault overdue for big quake

LAKE TAHOE (KGO) — State of the art technology is giving us new insight into the potential for a major earthquake at Lake Tahoe. It could be big, and it could be followed by a giant wave of water. We tend to think of tsunamis happening after an earthquake in the ocean. But a similar […]

Robotic submarine built for Antarctica expedition

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — There is a groundbreaking project underway to explore a place no one has ever seen before. In Alameda, a robotic submarine is being built that will dive into the water beneath the ice of Antarctica. This unique expedition will venture into one of the last unexplored frontiers on the planet. “It’s […]

Mission Blue: Next Stop – The Ocean

As the research vessel Brooks McCall prepares to embark from Pensacola’s city dock for destinations near the BP Deepwater Horizon spill site, expedition co-leaders Thomas Shirley and Sylvia Earle discuss their goals for the week ahead. Read More…

Mission Blue: Team of Leading Scientists Explores Oil Spill’s Legacy

DOER has provided the submersible operations and support for all five years of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions Read More…

Robotic submarine makes media splash

They haven’t put NIU’s new 28-foot-long, 2,200-pound robotic submarine in the water yet, but geologists Ross Powell and Reed Scherer have already made a big splash. Read more…

Antarctica-bound submarine to get Lake Tahoe test

An exotic new unmanned submarine, built to analyze the water and sediments moving at the base of a vast sheet of melting ice in Antarctica, will make its first science cruise closer to home – in the rocky depths of Lake Tahoe. Read more…

Antarctica Is About To Be Studied, From The Underside

Determining the impact global warming has on the environment is a tough one. Experts know there is a significant impact on the planet, especially in the glaciers in Antarctica. Up until recently, calculating the severity of the impact has been very tough to measure. Traditionally, scientists have studied places such as Antarctica from space using […]

H2000 ROV

DOER Marine announces the Ocean Explorer H2000 ROV: a high power, versatile yet compact system for depths to 2000m with a 1000m option.

Attention “Phantom” ROV owners

DOER Marine has assisted owners and operators of small electric ROV systems for many years with systems integrations, modification and repair.  Recently, we have had numerous requests for support of vehicles manufactured by Deep Ocean Engineering. DOER remains ready to assist and support both our long time and new customers needing help with their Phantom […]


The Marine technology Society Journal Celebrates the Golden anniversay of Man’s Deepest Dive. MTS Journal Part 1 MTS Journal Part 2

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