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DOER designs and builds remotely operated vehicles ranging from seven to one hundred horsepower in a variety of configurations. From systems with rigid design constraints of polar bore hole deployment to complex deep water film applications, a common architecture allows DOER to tailor systems to client needs.


DOER’s H2000 is a ultra compact work class ROV. Designed for multi-mission use from a variety of platforms, the H2000 can be used for underwater tasks including survey, sampling, search/recovery, NDT and inspection.

Hydraulic Thruster

DOER developed a compact, two horsepower hydraulic thruster for use on confined space and ultra compact work class ROVs. It can be used on other underwater vehicles including AUVs and as a positioning thruster on submersibles. It can be adapted for use as a sediment blower and other special applications. This thruster is unique in […]


DOER engineers and builds hydraulics for ROV, Submersible, and custom system applications. Products include compensators, valve packs, and manifolds. Click on the links below for product information sheets. Contact DOER for questions about solutions for your custom designs and engineering needs.


Project Deepsearch is an ongoing program to develop a human occupied submersible capable providing unlimited access to all areas of the ocean.  The first and only time humans have explored the deepest point in the ocean was in 1960.  DOER’s design draws upon the advances in technology and materials developed over the past fifty years […]


Many in the ROV industry are familiar with the “Phantom” ROV.  Several hundred systems were produced over a period of about twenty years before the assets of the manufacturer were first sold and later liquidated.  As a part of DOER’s commitment to supporting scientific institutions, government users and other small business owners, DOER has helped […]


Description DOER Sea Mantis 5 is a robust & effective tool for use on inspection and light work class ROVs or submersibles. Shown here with multipurpose jaws. Heavy duty cutters, parallel closure and custom end effectors are also available. Fully capable with a wide range of motion and 360 degree continuous wrist rotate, Sea Mantis […]


DOER is well know for developing innovative solutions for inspection of our aging infrastructure. Water filled tunnels, shafts, dams, aqueducts, and levees are some examples. As populations and sea levels rise, the demands on these systems is increasing. Many of these critical structures were built over 100 years ago with no consideration for inspection, repair […]

Yacht Services

DOER provides services for yachts that have or are considering the addition of submersibles and other underwater systems.  Our services range from basic feasibility studies to full design review and equipment provisioning for yachts, shadow or ecotourism vessels.


DOER has a long history of working with a wide variety of vessel and submersibles operations, ensuring safety and performance on platforms ranging from research vessels and ships of opportunity, to luxury yachts. We offer basic consulting to training to providing highly experienced pilots and diving supervisors. From one person “Deep Workers” to multi passenger […]

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