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NIU Antarctic-Bound Submarine

Antarctic-bound unmanned submarine
Lake Tahoe test run could aid earthquake research

Scientists and engineers plan to test NIU’s robotic submarine at Lake Tahoe, the nation’s second deepest lake, in mid-July, 2013.

The unmanned yellow submarine—also known as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or sub-ice rover (SIR)—is equipped with a high definition camera. It also has extensive scientific instrumentation that will be assessed by a team from NIU and DOER Marine, a robotics engineering firm located in the San Francisco Bay area.

DOER built the ROV for NIU, which intends to use the vehicle to study melting beneath the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

During the Lake Tahoe tests, the submarine will be used to investigate the West Tahoe Fault, located at the bottom of the lake along its entire west shore. Scientists from the California Geological Survey and California Seismic Safety Commission hope to gain more information about the fault to better assess the hazard of potential earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis.

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