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Attention “Phantom” ROV owners

DOER Marine has assisted owners and operators of small electric ROV systems for many years with systems integrations, modification and repair.  Recently, we have had numerous requests for support of vehicles manufactured by Deep Ocean Engineering. DOER remains ready to assist and support both our long time and new customers needing help with their Phantom ROVs.  We strive to utilize commercial or modified off the shelf components and technology to make these systems more reliable and easier to maintain.  System specific parts including shafts, thruster seals, props, and shrouds, depth heading interface boards, termination boards, power regulation/converters, umbilical cables, end caps, enclosures, floatation packs, and more have all been developed by DOER with direct input from clients and years of field experience.
Whether you need routine repairs and spare parts or a complete open frame Spectre conversion, DOER can help.

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