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Project Deepsearch is an ongoing program to develop a human occupied submersible capable providing unlimited access to all areas of the ocean.  The first and only time humans have explored the deepest point in the ocean was in 1960.  DOER’s design draws upon the advances in technology and materials developed over the past fifty years and combines them with proven methodologies resulting in a new approach to deep ocean exploration.  DOER received funding for an intensive eighteen month R&D program to push major areas of innovation into the Deepsearch design model.  The focus areas included use of massive glass for a personnel sphere, diving profile, battery technology, floatation, and ceramic materials.
The goal for Deepsearch is not a stunt dive to the Marianas Trench.  Rather, it is to build a world asset capable of providing scientists with unlimited access to the deep ocean.
Project Deepsearch is ready to move into build of the test platform while pursuing additional glass research.


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