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Aug 2016

Alameda CA For Immediate Release: Deep Sea Bioluminescent Corals captured in color HD video for first time using Canon ME20F-SH 4M iso camera.  DOER Marine collaborated with Canon USA to successfully capture the first color HD video of deep ocean bioluminescence in Hawaiian Bamboo Corals that faithfully shows the behaviors that heretofore have only been […]


DOER designs and builds remotely operated vehicles ranging from seven to one hundred horsepower in a variety of configurations. From systems with rigid design constraints of polar bore hole deployment to complex deep water film applications, a common architecture allows DOER to tailor systems to client needs.

Sylvia Earle on locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On Saturday I appeared on CNN to discuss the numerous challenges in locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A stark reminder of exactly why we need more focus on underwater exploration! VIDEO:

Alameda company could help find Malaysian Air wreckage

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — A new phase has begun in the search for the missing Malaysia jetliner. Two ships with high-tech equipment launched in the underwater hunt for the plane, or its black boxes. There are only a few days left before pings from the plane’s two data recorders could stop transmitting. The plane vanished over […]

Submarine to explore Lake Tahoe’s most active fault line

Unmanned sub to explore fault beneath Lake Tahoe

Submarine dives on first-of-its-kind Lake Tahoe exploration

Scientists testing submarine that will collect earthquake data

Unmanned submarine to explore depths of Lake Tahoe

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