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DOER designs and builds remotely operated vehicles ranging from seven to one hundred horsepower in a variety of configurations. From systems with rigid design constraints of polar bore hole deployment to complex deep water film applications, a common architecture allows DOER to tailor systems to client needs.

Sylvia Earle on locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On Saturday I appeared on CNN to discuss the numerous challenges in locating and recovering Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A stark reminder of exactly why we need more focus on underwater exploration! VIDEO:

Alameda company could help find Malaysian Air wreckage

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) — A new phase has begun in the search for the missing Malaysia jetliner. Two ships with high-tech equipment launched in the underwater hunt for the plane, or its black boxes. There are only a few days left before pings from the plane’s two data recorders could stop transmitting. The plane vanished over […]

Submarine to explore Lake Tahoe’s most active fault line

Unmanned sub to explore fault beneath Lake Tahoe

Submarine dives on first-of-its-kind Lake Tahoe exploration

Scientists testing submarine that will collect earthquake data

Unmanned submarine to explore depths of Lake Tahoe

Unmanned sub to explore fault beneath Lake Tahoe

NIU Antarctic-Bound Submarine

Antarctic-bound unmanned submarine Lake Tahoe test run could aid earthquake research Scientists and engineers plan to test NIU’s robotic submarine at Lake Tahoe, the nation’s second deepest lake, in mid-July, 2013. The unmanned yellow submarine—also known as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or sub-ice rover (SIR)—is equipped with a high definition camera. It also has […]

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