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DOER supports and integrates many brands of cameras. We offer custom housings for HD, the RED camera and other innovative optical products. Custom pan and tilt arrangements and extending light bars allow remote adjustment and positioning of lighting for optimized results.


DOER engineers and builds hydraulics for ROV, Submersible, and custom system applications. Products include compensators, valve packs, and manifolds.


200 and 400 watt lights designed with studio lighting experts for use with HD cameras to provide true corrected illumination for ROVs and submersibles.


Five-function hydraulic arm features full wrist rotate and proportional control, with very wide range of motion. Standard jaws can be easily changed to accept industrial cutter or parallel closure jaws. Stows compactly.

Mission Modules

Shipping, staging, remote location and vessels of opportunity operations can all benefit from the use of “Mission Modules”; standard ISO containers modified for mission specific jobs.

Ocean Explorer HOV 1000

Ocean Explorer HOV 1000 is a modern, versatile submersible representing the next generation research submersibles. Developed in collaboration with scientists, film makers, and explorers, Ocean Explorer is small enough to be shipped in a standard sea container and launched from vessels of opportunity.

Reef Rover

Reef Rover is a practical, cost effective approach for a 1000m, work capable, classed submersible. The design is a proven, extremely stable, two person craft developed for deep water filming and exploration.


DOER Marine’s Fully customizable Spectre vehicle is a small sized, high performance, professional ROV system which can be used for a variety for underwater tasks including observation, survey and tooling.


TULES was introduced by DOER in 2005 to address the need for inspection of critical levees and earthen dams. DOER began the development of TULES in 2001 as marine technology was rapidly adapted for homeland security applications around ports and harbors.

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