DOER Marine



DOER provides consulting services for many aspects underwater and over the side operations.

Field Support

DOER personnel have years of field experience and understand what it takes to make an operation safe and successful. We can provide relief pilots, diving supervisors, submersible specialists, technicians, data managers and other specialists.


Deep Machine is DOER’s in house machine shop. Fully equipped with Haas VF-3, VF-5, SL-30, TL-3 CNC machines and a variety of manual lathes, mills, and fabrication equipment, our machining team turns raw materials into the parts and assemblies designed by our engineers.

Repair & Modification

Using commercial and modified off the shelf components (COTS/MOTS) DOER provides repairs and modifications to a wide array of underwater equipment including may brands of ROV and manned submersibles.

Small ROVs

DOER Marine has assisted owners and operators of these, and other small electric ROV system brands for many years with systems integrations, modification and repair. Now, in the absence of manufacturer support, DOER Marine stands ready to assist and support both our long time and new customers needing help with their Phantom ROVs.

System Integration

Making multi-vendor systems work together is a core strength of the DOER team. From basic camera and sonar integrations to full ship board installations, our experienced staff can ensure full functionality.


DOER offers our clients comprehensive training for both ROV and submersible personnel. This is especially useful for clients whose staff may rotate frequently such as yacht and government personnel.

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