DOER Marine

Engineering in Action

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation is especially well suited to ROV intervention. Unknown hazards may exist, especially with shipwrecks and downed aircraft. DOER Spectre and Ocean Explorer can carry a variety of sensors and tool skids/manipulators, permitting through investigation and digital documentation.

Infrastructure Inspection

DOER provides innovative solutions for inspection of these vital and sometimes aging structure with linear penetrations of 11.25 KM/7 miles, real time image/data fiber optic transmission, robotic intervention, and manned systems for extreme penetrations.

Oil Spill Response

Oil spills are another event calling for rapid response. Not all spills are tanker related, many come from older wrecks or even submerged seeps. DOER has responded to spill sites in the Galapagos Islands, Glacier National Park, National Marine Sanctuaries and sites off the coast of San Francisco with both manned and robotic vehicles.

Port & Harbor Security

DOER Ocean Explorer provides the basic modular architecture for related, specialized vehicles ROSIE and SUSHI. ROSIE, Remotely Operated Sensor Intensive Equipment, easily carries DIDSON sonar with power to operate and maneuver, even in currents.

Search & Recovery

DOER has responded to search and recovery efforts involving military and civilian aircraft, sunken vessels, towed arrays, and drowning victims, both in open water, through ice, and confined space conditions.

Submersible Rescue

There is an historical need for readily deployable equipment in strategic locations. In sub rescue, response equipment may be days away when hours are precious.

Surveillance & Detection

The ability to carry a suite of sensors and hold station are key to underwater surveillance tasks. These tasks include drug enforcement, security, military, and fisheries enforcement.

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