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Recent Projects

Deep Search

Project Deepsearch is an ongoing program to develop a human occupied submersible capable providing unlimited access to all areas of the ocean. The first and only time humans have explored the deepest point in the ocean was in 1960.

Google Earth

DOER played an integral role in the development of Ocean in Google Earth, recently released in the newest version of Google Earth. As “ground floor” collaborators, DOER’s role was to first organize the advisory council chaired by Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Green Peace

DOER was engaged by Greenpeace International to provide diving supervision for over the side operations from the M/V Arctic Sunrise.

Gulf Of Mexico ROV Support

DOER was engaged to support ROV expeditions in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The University of Connecticut’s Kraken ROV was utilized as its 1000m depth rating made it was one of the few science dedicated assets capable of reaching deeper areas where sub surface oil had been detected.

Ice Bore hole ROV

The Sub Ice ROV or SIR is a highly specialized hydraulic vehicle designed to fit down a hole bored through 1000m of Antarctic ice. Its mission is to explore below the Ross Ice Shelf with special focus on the “grounding line”: the area where the ice leaves the shore and floats out over the water.

Mission Blue

DOER was engaged by Hope Spots LLC and the Waitt Institute to provide submersible support services in the Gulf of Mexico. The expedition was part of a larger Mission Blue collaboration including scientists from ORCA and the Harte Research Institute. Mission Blue founder, Dr. Sylvia Earle and HRI’s Dr. Thomas Shirley were lead scientists.

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