DOER Marine


DOER High Powered ROVs Cutsheet

DOER’s H2000 is a ultra compact work class ROV. Designed for multi-mission use from a variety of platforms, the H2000 can be used for underwater tasks including survey, sampling, search/recovery, NDT and inspection.

· Highly reliable, Easy to maintain
· Hydraulic thrusters
· Integration manifold for ancillary devices
· 2000m/6600fsw depth rated
· Auto heading, depth
· Go to heading, depth
· On screen overlay
· Live boat, ICW and TMS operational options
· Durable industrial frame
· Five function Sea Mantis manipulator standard
· Supports optional common brands of manipulators
· Tooling skid options
· 120 pounds useable payload

H2000 is rated for 2000m standard with options for 1000m and 3000m. This versatile, powerful vehicle is designed to take advantage of changing technology to provide years of service and upgradability.

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