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Google Earth - Discover the Ocean
DOER played an integral role in the development of Ocean in Google Earth, recently released in the newest version of Google Earth. As “ground floor” collaborators, DOER’s role was to first organize the advisory council chaired by Dr. Sylvia Earle. Next, we began to identify and build the case for selected focus areas and potential content providers, developing templates for video tours and uploading content, including video, stills, and text to the “Explore the Ocean” layer. Finally, we entered into a CRADA with Google and the US Navy to work on bathymetry and visualizing same in the Google Earth platform. DOER continues to assist in the role of curators; finding new content and inviting contributors. While the three year effort was a remarkable undertaking, we believe that the truly remarkable things are yet to come as people begin to explore and utilize the Ocean in Google Earth.

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