DOER Marine

4 Function Valvepack


Description The premium valve pack in the series incorporates proportional flow control valves controlled by DOER boards. True proportional flow control, hydraulic safe, and versatile communications combine in this 6500 m (21325.5 ft.) rated manifold package. All valves are protected from saltwater corrosion, and all manifold components are machined and hard black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum resulting in a very durable system. Our four function manifold with proportional flow control and efficient porting layout means a very weight efficient package. It is available with a variety of tube fitting options. The control boards are designed to work on a single serial bus. DOER can design a custom interface to control your valve installation or you can write the software which follows our very simple serial protocol. A custom standalone joystick that directly outputs serial commands to the manifold is also available.


  • 4 Proportioning Valves
  • Operating Pressure of 3000 psi (307 bar)
  • SAE O-Ring Boss ports (no NPT)
  • SAE O-Ring Boss ports capped cross porting, all field serviceable
  • Common or independent electrical compensation

Available Options

  • Custom number of Functions
  • Choice of fitting type or no fittings
  • Use DOER control boards or your own
  • Custom standalone Joystick

4 Function Valvepack Cutsheet

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