Explore the advanced engineering and unparalleled versatility of DOER Marine's hydraulic compensators, available in 1-liter and 4-liter capacities. Designed for precise fluid control in a variety of subsea and industrial applications, these durable systems offer customizable options and robust performance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently in any environment.

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Discover Precision and Reliability with DOER Marine's Hydraulic Compensators

Welcome to the future of hydraulic systems with DOER Marine's line of hydraulic compensators, meticulously designed for high reliability and ease of use across diverse environments—from the depths of the ocean to industrial wastewater plants. These products are essential components for any system requiring stable and precise fluid compensation.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and Versatile: Available in both 1-liter and 4-liter (approximately 1 gallon) capacities, our compensators are ideal for electrical housings and hydraulic systems in need of fluid compensation.
  • Highly Customizable: Choose from custom porting options, mounts, and brackets to fit the specific needs of your system.
  • Advanced Material Quality: Equipped with a Buna-N Rolling Diaphragm and choices between anodized aluminum or durable acrylic construction, our compensators ensure reliable operation.
  • Optimized Pressure Modulation: Maintains a steady 10-15 psi hydraulic pressure above external pressures, thanks to its electrically isolated spring design which aids in consistent pressure modulation.
  • Visual Inspection Ease: The 4-liter model features a clear housing, enabling quick visual checks of the hydraulic fluid for volume and condition.
1 Liter Compensator

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 1-liter and 4-liter (approximately 1 gallon) options
  • Pressure: 10-15 psi above ambient pressure
  • Connections: ORB ports (SAE J1926) with no NPT, featuring multiple port sizes for both models
  • Environmental Suitability: Fully operational at full ocean depth, exceeds Hydraulic Oil specs
  • Weight and Dimensions: 1-liter model is 7 lbs, 8 3/16" long, 5" diameter; 4-liter model is 29 lbs, 22" long, 10" diameter
4 Liter Compensator

Optional Enhancements

  • Non-Contact Linear Level Sensor: Enhance your compensator with an oil-filled housing sensor tested to 3000 meters, featuring a 4 to 20mA output for accurate level monitoring.

Ideal Applications

Perfect for a range of applications including:

  • Fluid compensation in electrical housings
  • Fluid reservoirs within hydraulic systems
  • Any setting requiring reliable and precise hydraulic control

Purchase Information

For more details on configurations, pricing, or to place an order:

At DOER Marine, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions in the industry. Contact us today to see how our hydraulic compensators can be tailored to meet your specific needs and enhance the performance and reliability of your operations.


Introducing  DOER Marine's Compensators

Unlock the full potential of your hydraulic systems with DOER Marine's versatile and robust hydraulic compensators. Available in both 1-liter and 4-liter capacities, these devices are designed to maintain precise fluid levels under varying pressures, ensuring smooth operation in challenging environments. Whether you're working deep beneath the ocean's surface or in harsh industrial conditions, DOER's hydraulic compensators offer the reliability and customization needed for your specific applications. Explore the benefits of our cutting-edge technology and see how DOER Marine can bring efficiency and precision to your operations.

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